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The mission of Social Europe (SE) is to strengthen democracy by finding and discussing solutions to the most pressing political, economic and social issues of our time. We use the values of freedom, sustainability and equality as the foundation on which we examine society's most pressing challenges.

We are committed to publishing cutting-edge thinking and new ideas from the most thought-provoking people. Our in-depth analyses and constructive proposals seek to link policy-making to wider societal concerns. It is our goal to promote progressive societies, sustainable economies and responsible business.

Pasi Sahlberg: lessons from Finnish education

2022-02-07 24 min Social Europe

Around the world, education 'reforms' have made schooling more market-mimicking and competitive, rendering education a 'club good' for the better off. Finland shows how treating education as a public good and teachers as autonomous professionals brings better student performance overall, without intrusive and expensive inspection.

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